series RIVO VC
refrigerated DISPLAY
Suitable for storage
refrigerated DISPLAY
Suitable for storage

Rivo VC

RIVO is the TECNODOM pastry counter, with static cooling, suitable for all sales area for the best displaying of fresh confectionery products, cakes, biscuits and snacks.

RIVO with its innovative style, besides providing performance equal to the other TECNODOM range, aims to the visibility of the displayed products, which is one of the pastry sector most important characteristics. The counter is fitted with wide extractable drawers and with 3 shelves (the lower one refrigerated) and has been studied in order to optimize the internal display surface and the presentation of the shown products. A strength point is also the lighting as a standard for the upper and lower parts of the counter, as well as for the 3 shelves. This creates a winning design.

RIVO is available in 2 versions: curved glass (VC) and straight glass (VD); different lengths: 100-140-200-280; with built in or remote condensing unit.

Ripiani inferiori espositore RIVO VC
Bottom level with hermetic closing drawers.
Vetri frontali curvi espositore RIVO VC
Foldable front glass.

Standard set-up

  • Insulated and thermoformed side walls (50 mm thick each) with tempered side glass
  • 3 glass shelves (the lower one is refrigerated)
  • Front tempered glass
  • Anti-mist front glass
  • Electronic control panel
  • Stainless steel working top
  • Stainless steel extractable cooled deck
  • Timed defrosting and removable water tank for built-in version
  • Drainage pipes outlet for remote versions


  • Rear sliding doors
  • Granite working top
  • Stainless steel scale holder
  • Set of wheels
  • Wooden crate packing
1 - Display shelf completely in glass. 2 - Fully stainless steel exposition plan. 3 - Frontal side gasket with anti-fog heater. 4 - Insulated and PST thermoformed side-walls.
Available sizes
Operating temperature
Normal temperature
Temperature test data:+25°C / Humidity60%

Standard RAL colors
Standard shoulders and sides

Energetic Class
Energetic Class
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