series VULCANO
refrigerated DISPLAY
Two depths and three equipment available
Suitable for storage
vulcano sl
SL - Deli meats and dairy products
vulcano c
C - Prepacked meat
vulcano fv
FV - Fruit & Vegetables
refrigerated DISPLAY
Two depths and three equipment available
Suitable for storage
vulcano sl SL - Deli meats and dairy products
vulcano c C - Prepacked meat
vulcano fv FV - Fruit & Vegetables


General characteristics

  • Compact but with a wide display area;
  • Suitable for small, medium and large retail outlets;
  • Italian technology, design and production;
  • Easy installation;
  • Optimised cleaning system;
  • Low energy consumption and low environmental impact;
  • Tank made without the use of CFC.

Refrigeration type

  • Ventilated (V)
Manual self-winding night blind.

Versions available

  • With built-in unit (CG);
  • Remote version (SG).

Standard equipment

  • Thermoformed and insulated side walls (thickness 40 mm each) with tempered glass side panels;
  • Electronic control panel;
  • Upper LED lighting;
  • Manual self-winding night blind;
  • Off-cycle defrosting;
  • Electric defrosting (only for “C” meat version).
vulcano dettaglio rimozione pannello tecnodom
Removable front panel and access to internal parts for easy condenser and technical component cleaning and maintenance.
vulcano dettaglio
Available in remote version and with built-in unit and condensate recovery system.
4 non-toxic white painted steel sheet or stainless steel shelves (for stainless steel versions), height adjustable, equipped with price holders.
vulcano fv piani inclinati
FV - 3 non-toxic white painted steeel sheet or stainless steel inclined shelves (for stainless steel versions) equipped with price holders,
inclined upper mirror.
Available sizes
SL / C VULCANO models
SL / FV / C Vulcano models
Operating temperature
FV - Fruit & vegetables
C - Prepacked meat
SL - Deli meats and dairy products
Temperature test data:+25°C / Humidity60%

Standard RAL colors

Energetic Class
Energetic Class
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